Why Professional Product Photos Are Important

By Lucia Creates

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that statement holds true to your product image! Your product image creates the first impression for your consumer. Not only does the image enhance the product description, but it also creates visual appeal for your store.

Product images are the main tool for convincing your consumer, as you do not have the option of a salesperson. Social media relies heavily on photos and videos.

When a consumer is strolling on social media their attention span is 3-5 seconds long. Creating a photo that tells a story with your product, will have a higher chance of a consumer to stop, share or comment on your photo!

There are other channels other than social media where you use your product images such as email marketing, print marketing materials, and text message marketing

You can never turn your website visitors into your customers when your images are of poor quality. How do you know if they are? Here are a few things to look for:

  • The image should not be blurred.

  • The product label should be facing the consumer direction

  • The props used in the photo should appeal to the product

  • The image is cropped correctly

Ensuring your photos are eye-catching and professional will make your consumers desire to check out your product.

Having a hero product image shot is vital for all e-commerce websites. Website banners are important to showcase your products and provide supporting information about the product.

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